Public Charter Schools = STUDENT SUCCESS

Charters Schools Are for All Students

Did you know that charter schools are free public schools open to all New York City students? Today, there are 274 of them serving over 146,200 students from all backgrounds, including English language learners and students with special needs. Charter schools don’t select students based on their academic background. Parents simply fill out a short application and students are admitted through a random lottery. Charters schools serve students from Pre-K through high school and are located in all five boroughs of NYC.

Charters Prepare Students for College & Career

Studies show that New York City has one of highest performing charter school sectors in the country. The most recent available testing data shows charter school students consistently passed the state academic tests at higher rates than their district counterparts, especially Black and Latino students. In the 2018-19 school year, several charter schools had the best test scores across the state!

“I love the constant access that I have to my 6-year-old daughter’s teachers at her charter school. I truly feel like a partner in my child’s education – I am always welcome to observe classrooms and participate in student activities to stay connected.”

- Valerie Babb, Harlem Link Charter School parent

Charter Schools in the 5 boroughs

Charters Innovate!

Charter schools operate independent of the NYC Department of Education. This allows them to be more flexible in the ways that they run their schools, design their academic programs and hire staff. Many charter schools not only emphasize the core subjects of English and math, but also offer arts, science and language programs. Charter schools often use innovative approaches to learning, such as longer school days and a longer school year, which contribute to students’ success in preparation for college and career.

How to Apply – Don’t Miss the Deadline!

The application period starts each October and ends by April 1, so don’t forget to submit your application on time!

There are 3 easy ways to apply to a charter school:

  1. You can submit an application through the Common Online Charter School Application where you can apply to multiple schools at once.  Visit today!
  2. You can visit a school of your choice and pick up an application in person. Visit to find charters in your neighborhood.
  3. Or you can visit any school’s website and download an application.

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